Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brush Snob Beauty Report! Pixiwoo's Sam Chapman is releasing her own line of brushes!

The announcement was just launched on YouTube, and if you are a brush collector like I am, you should be excited! They're vegan-friendly, professional quality brushes that were made with the consumer in mind because they're AFFORDABLE! Going to be released through ULTA, they will hit stores on the 25th of this month! I did some digging around on her launch page and discovered these brushes were produced by Paris Presents, which is the parent company of ECOTOOLS!!! *jumps up and down excitedly*

Are you excited? I am! Check out their launch site:

Oh, and watch the famous Chapman sisters on their Pixiwoo channel as well! I'm sure you all know of them by now, but just watch! They get better with age, and congrats to Sam's sister Nic to her being preggo for 12 weeks now!

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