Sunday, January 30, 2011

FOTD: 07/2009 - backtrack to get to know me...

It all started with this, really... I ran into an old acquaintance from back in the day while shopping, and she told me she would like to try having me as a model for her portfolio. I was flattered the first time she asked years ago, but was too self conscious to let myself do it.

Fast forward a good 4-5 years and 15 pounds later, I run into her yet again at the mall, and she says she's doing another test shoot to update her portfolio. I figured I was never going to be happy with my body, but if she feels she can use some part of me, I might as well do it for some pretty pictures... and this was the result.

I wish I knew well enough back then to record what she used on me, but this was when I was too shy to walk into a MAC or a Sephora. This was when I had one look based around a black cream pencil I smudged across my eyes for the same sloppy smokey eye I wore for almost close to 10 years since learning how to wear makeup. This was the end of the days of my being too ashamed to ask for help and learn...

Now, after that shoot, I have come to terms with whatever it is I am unhappy with and I'm fine with it. On days I feel like I need a good pick me up, I'll slap on the war-paint and step out of my door ready to conquer the world. This is how I feel after knowing the confidence a few simple steps could do for you. Thank you, to Maria Lawas of MVL Designs in Hayward, CA for the glamor session and photoshoot. If you are interested in her work, please check out her portfolio @

Even more flattering, my friend Anthony Nguyen even decided to paint one of the photos from the shoot for one of his school projects a year later 08/2010:

Photo Credit: Anthony Nguyen

I believe it was a split-complimentary color scheme painting project w/ shades and tints thrown into the mix. Here is the digital mock-up of what he was able to do:

Photo Credit: Anthony Nguyen

Last but not least, the finished product... It amazes me that the makeup medium translated into the "art" medium for me thanks to having to wonderful people willing to use me as a concept. Seeing their work inspired me to try on my own.

Photo Credit: Anthony Nguyen

Now I just need to find a way to get this matted nicely in this frame, and then get painted pictures and art from many other friends if I can to decorate my walls. What a lovely marriage between the few things I love the most.

Photo Credit: Anthony Nguyen

He takes amazing photos w/ his Hipstamatic app on his iPhone as of late and posts random projects as he studies at the Art Academy in SF. Check his Tumblr out @: AntSpeak

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